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Wooden Bathroom Vanity Tray

This wooden bathroom vanity tray is perfect for your bathroom. It is natural bamboo and is made to be smooth and thick. It is perfect for hiding dirt and dust from your toiletry. This tray comes in one or two.

Wooden Tray For Bathroom Vanity

The next step in your bathroom renovation is in.

Wood Bathroom Vanity Tray

This wood bathroom vanity tray is perfect for carrying your items while you're on your way to the bathroom. It features a variety of organizing features for your needs and is made of plastic but can be made to look like wood with just a little bit of goldaley screws. this is a beautiful wooden bathroom vanity tray that is perfect for hiding away your makeup, toothbrush, and other fey products. The tray is also great for holding small items like a towel or a toothbrush. this wooden bathroom organizer is a great way to keep your bathroom organized and looking your best. It is slipresistant so you can keep your throne clean and tidy, and it is perfect for keep your bathroom looking fresh and new. this audreys lebanon pa wooden bathroom vanity tray is the perfect addition to your next home. It is dark colored wood with a bright audreys lebanon pa logo. The tray is made from heavy duty metal and plastic materials. It is also the perfect size for keeping your makeup in while you use the shower.